Speaker update for the 11th Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit

In its 11th edition, the Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit will be bigger than ever. Since the event launched, new speakers have joined us and confirmed speakers have announced their sessions and sent their abstracts.

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In its 11th edition, the Global Drug Delivery & Formulation Summit will be bigger than ever. The agenda is quickly populating with remarkable speakers, both from the industry and academia. 

Since the event launched, new speakers have joined us and confirmed speakers have announced their sessions and sent their abstracts. 

This year's brochure is now live on the website, covering subjects like: 

  • New modalities research opportunities and challenges
  • Personalised therapies, mRNA, Cell and gene therapies
  • Analytical techniques for biotherapeutics
  • 3D printing, flexible manufacturing techniques, continuous manufacturing
  • Multivariate analysis techniques, production process optimisation, digitalisation of pharmaceutical development
  • mAb and bispecific formulation development
  • Oral delivery of biologics and other routes
  • Device development, microneedles, connected devices
  • Integrating human factors into device development, behavioural design

Some of this year's speakers include: 

  • Richard Green, Senior Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pfizer
  • Jean-René Authelin, Global Head of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Sanofi
  • Dr Vivek Trivedi, Lecturer, Formulation Science Department of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Environmental Sciences, University of Kent
  • Jean Alié, Head of Section at Sanofi Solid State Characterization and 3D printing, Sanofi
  • Serge Mathonet, Global Regulatory Affairs Biologics Center CMC Interface, Sanofi
  • Gregoire Schwach, Head Drug Delivery, Roche
  • Mostafa Nakach, Head of formulation and process development Biologics Drug Product Development, Sanofi
  • Mike Tobyn, Research Fellow, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Satya Kishore Ravuri, Sr. Group Leader, Early-Stage Pharmaceutical and Processing Development Pharmaceutical Development & Supplies, PTD Biologics Europe (PTDE-P), Roche
  • Shalini Andersson, Chief Scientist New Therapeutic Modalities, AstraZeneca
  • Otmane Boussif, Global Head Cell & Gene Therapy Technical Development, Novartis
  • Rémy Kohler, Human Factors Engineering, User Experience & Tangible Interface Design, Roche
  • Jonas Fransson, Director, Sobi
  • Sudhkar Garad, Global Head of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Profiling, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

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