Report: High Throughput Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis with HORIZON

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The HORIZON is the industry’s first analytical system to address the need for rapid, comprehensive subvisible particle analysis even when limited sample material is available. Based on the USP <788> method of Membrane Microscopy, image analysis on HORIZON is fully automated, uses 96-well plate, and requires only 25µL per sample. HORIZON enables incorporation of subvisible particle analysis into biologics workflows as early as developability assessment through late stage formulation and QC.

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Halo Labs

Halo Labs knows particles. The Aura, our flagship product, can count and characterize subvisible particles - and tell you whether they are proteinaceous or non-proteinaceous. A simple, plate-based approach enables low-volume, high-throughput, fully automated particle imaging and analysis at any stage from developability assessment through quality control.
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