A webinar by Eurofins CDMO - Highway to Clinic – Formulation Strategies for Improved Bioavailability

With the appropriate formulation strategies, the challenges around poorly soluble compounds can indeed be overcome. Reducing development time and ultimately speeding up the route to market.

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In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to deal with poorly soluble compounds
  • Which techniques can be used for drug product development in the short term
  • How Eurofins CDMO can assist in developing and manufacturing your drug product


Eurofins CDMO

Eurofins CDMO is a leading global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that provides clients with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)/Drug Substance and Drug Product development for biologicals and small molecules. Science is our foundation and allows us to support small and major biopharmaceutical companies achieving their pre-clinical and clinical milestones on time. We are experts in breakthrough technologies for API development, highly potent compounds, poorly soluble drugs, lyophilisation processes and specific therapeutic areas (immunotherapies, orphan drugs…). Our services: API/DS Development, Solid State R&D, Preformulation, Formulation Development, GMP Manufacturing, Clinical Packaging and Logistics, CMC Regulatory Support. Our highly-qualified project management team will propose a complete drug development strategy. Frequent communication through one single point of contact, our team's flexibility, troubleshooting mindset, customized solutions will help speed up the drug development process. Operating under strict quality procedures, Eurofins CDMO is accredited through the FDA, EMA, ANSM, ANSES, FAMHP, PMDA, and Health Canada.
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